Rates & Services  -  Updated  -  01 July 2015

Fees (GBP British Pound £) :  -

PRS English Language Copyediting and Proofreading Service Rates are based on the 'Total Number of Words' in your text / document / manuscript, together with a consideration for the 'Level of Difficulty' in editing your text / document / manuscript.

Our normal rates are calculated 'per word' at between GBP £0.008 (0.8 pence) per word rising up to GBP £0.024 (2.4 pence) per word, contingent upon the 'Level of Difficulty' in dealing with the original text (for full details see below).

There is a 10% service & administration fee.

There is a total minimum charge of GBP £10.00 (Ten pounds).

"Level of Difficulty" Rates

Basic Proofreading & Copyediting is charged from GBP £0.008 (0.08 pence) up to GBP £0.012 (1.2 pence) per word.   These rates would be for an Advanced or Upper-Advanced or Proficient or Master User of the English language whereby the errors would be quite normal for a 'non-native', but would be of minimal quantity.

Moderate Proofreading & Copyediting is charged from GBP £0.013 (1.3 pence) up to GBP £0.016 (1.6 pence) per word.   These rates would be for an Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Post-Intermediate User of the English language whereby the errors would be very normal, but would be much more frequent.   Most of our clients would fall somewhere into this category.    They would have a very good grounding and understanding of the English language, but need help and assistance with their sentence structures, grammatical misunderstandings, word order, vocabulary use, adverbs, adjectives, together with plurals, singulars and verb tenses.

Extensive Proofreading & Copyediting is charged from GBP £0.017 (1.7 pence) up to GBP £0.024 (2.4 pence) per word.   These rates would be for a Beginner or Elementary User of the English language whereby the errors would be many and much of the text would need to be replaced or reworked.

On review of your text / document(s) / manuscript, we will advise you of the rate per word.

You will have the opportunity to accept or decline our fees before making any commitment.   There is no obligation in asking PRS Proofreading Services for a quotation.

Copyediting & Proofreading Fees

(Example Costs)

For Example Only:   (calculated @ GBP £0.011 / 1.1 pence per word)

   500 words = 5.50 + 0.55  (10% service) = GBP £10.00 (Minimum Charge)

1,000 words = 11.00 + 1.10 (10% service) = GBP £12.10 (Twelve Pounds Ten Pence)

2,000 words = 22.00 + 2.20 (10% service) = GBP £24.20 (Twenty Four Pounds Twenty Pence)

3,000 words = 33.00 + 3.30 (10% service) = GBP £36.30 (Thirty Six Pounds Thirty Pence)

6,000 words = 66.00 + 6.60 (10% service) = GBP £72.60 (Seventy Two Pounds Sixty Pence)

9,000 words = 99.00 + 9.90 (10% service) = GBP £108.90 (One Hundred and Eight Pounds Ninety Pence)