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Everyone realises that more and more studying is being conducted internationally.   The English language has become the professionally recognised standard for qualification and communication with people all over the world.

In order to gain successful entry into a university - or to apply for a job with a high salary - it is now necessary to achieve a high
English test score.   Hence the introduction of CU-TEP for those Chulalongkorn University students who are interested in studying graduate programmes in English and in International programmes.   Additionally, the TU-GET test is now mandatory for all
Thammasat University students who require entry into any of their graduate degree programmes.

Whether it is for TOEIC / IELTS / TOEFL / CU-TEP / TU-GET exam preparation, essay or thesis writing, correspondence,
application letters, emails, homework, writing exercises, tests, exams, documents, reports, brochures, handouts, website content,
or any other kind of text,

Can you really allow it to be viewed by companies and universities and teachers
if it contains basic and fundamental spelling inaccuracies,
grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors?

As recently as June 2010, the Office of the Basic Education Commission in Thailand said "many school executives are poor and
lack skills in English, despite having master's degrees."
   Khun Chinaworn Boonyakiat of the Thailand Education Ministry said on Thursday 07 October 2010 that "there are plans to declare English as the second language for teaching and learning in schools,
with an aim to enable Thai people of the new generation to communicate with world communities."

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PRS revises, edits & corrects
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and Jargon, Timelines and Semantics
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The Bangkok Post Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand - 05 November 2015

English Proficiency in Thailand scores 62nd out of 70 world nations.

Poor English Getting Worse in Thailand

The Bangkok Post Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand - 28 November 2012

Thailand scores badly in education assessment ranking.

Thailand's education system is ranked 37th out of 40 countries assessed in the latest global index ranking published by
British Education and Publishing Group Pearson Plc.

Finland took first place with a score of 1.26 points, followed by South Korea and Hong-Kong.  
Following them are two other Asian countries: Japan and Singapore.

Thailand scored badly, with 1.46 points, and had only three countries below it in the ranking.

The index ranking was based on cognitive skills – test scores in reading, writing, and mathematics
and educational attainment – literacy and graduation grade – accumulated from 40 developed countries.

Sir Michael Barber, Pearson's chief education adviser, said successful countries gave their educators a high status
and they all have a culture that is supportive of education.

 About 10,000 students attended a tutorial at a shopping mall in Bangkok,
in preparation for entrance exams to study medicine at a university.
Preparing for an Exam in Bangkok Thailand

The results were not encouraging.   There were very few successful students.

Thai ‘netizens’ posted messages on various web-boards on Wednesday,
mostly criticising the Thai education system.

"It's because of the educators," said a poster in posttoday.com.

"I feel that education does not account for how successful you are in the real world," said a comment on pantip.com.
"These highly educated people have the knowledge, but they can't perform."

Another netizen suggested that Thailand should improve their social belief in education, spend more money
in order to improve the quality of teachers - and be serious about a school’s autonomy
- and in doing so, climb higher up the ranking.

"The quality of some private universities is really worrying.   The quality of graduates with a bachelor's degree here,
is lower than high school graduates in other countries."

One netizen said.   "If you pay all of the tuition fees here, you will definitely graduate!"

The Nation Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand - 19 December 2011

Students will be encouraged to speak English every week as part of the

'English Speaking Year 2012' project.

"At least one day per week, teachers and students must use English in communications through various activities,"
Education Minister Woravat Auapinyakul said last week.  "The project will prepare Thailand for the advent of the
Asean Economic Community in 2015."

The 'English Speaking Year 2012' project will "stimulate greater use of the international language by students
in all public schools,"
 he said. "For example, there will be an English corner or an English village or students
will be sent to receive training as guides." 

Practising English speaking will be given priority before studying grammar.

The project will be launched nationwide with the training of teachers so that they can communicate in English.

Teachers will receive training from representatives of English language institutions and international schools.

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