QUESTION:  "How Do You Get Scientific Manuscripts Published?"

ANSWER:  "This Is How To Get Scientific Manuscripts Published"

PRS - The Best & Cheapest Proofreading Service

One of the best and cheapest proofreading services started proofreading English Text in the years before computers were publically available in 1984 – and well before the Internet came into existence.

They remain as a small company, but they offer an excellent accurate cheap proofreading service.

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"PRS proofreader proofreading a client's manuscript to check for any missed errors."

PRS has a 98% Publication Success Rate with the Scientific Journals
2% Rejected for Insufficient Data; No Substance; Old News; No Novelty

For Authors Worldwide - This Will Really Help You With Your Manuscript

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"PRS Proofreading Services corrects, amends, and proofreads a client's English writing so that it is acceptable for a Scientific Journal."


"I have a scientific article - what is the best way to get it published in a journal?"

"Scientific Journals require a corrected and proofread English document for the acceptance of publication."



These 30 Points Will Tell You How To Get Your Scientific Manuscript Published

1.  The English in your article needs to be written in perfect English, with no mistakes or errors.

2.  Most scientific authors are "non-native" English speakers. They come from many different countries all over the world.

3.  If you know a "native" English speaker, get him or her to read your paper - and get him or her to offer English improvements.

4.  Unfortunately, many "native" English speakers write and speak very poor English. It is incredible - but true.

5.  The best answer is to have a professional proofreading company to edit, revise, and proofread your important work.

6.   However, most of these companies charge different prices from each other - ranging from a price per word - to a price by page.

7.  And how do you know if any of these proofreading companies are any good?   You don't.   Until it is maybe too late.

8.  So is it all trial and error? No, it is not. You can work smart by using informed knowledge.

9.  You should seek a moderately priced solution for your very hard work.

10. Some companies charge 1 cent per word - others charge up to 8 cents per word (US $).

11. And are the '8 cents per word' companies better than the '1 cent per word' companies?

12. In our experience - no, they are not.   They all make mistakes, despite the claims that they make on the Internet.

13. So what is the answer?

14. A proofreading quotation will tell you the price. That is the easy part. You are always free to decline the cost.

15. Then there is this word "longevity". If the company has been around for more than 10 years, you can be assured that they give a good service.

16. If they have only been around for a year or two, then you would best be advised to stay clear.

17. There have been many occasions recently by these companies, where manuscripts have been returned for poor English.

18. About 10 years ago, there was only a handful of proofreading companies - taking up about 1 page on Google.

19. And if they are still around - it tells you that they stand a chance of being good - or they would be out of business.

20. Sadly, over the past few years, more and more companies and individuals are claiming "professional proofreading services", or similar.

21. Why? Because money is involved - and it is an attitude of "here's a good way to earning some money!"

22. Regrettably, it is mostly the larger 'impressive' companies and organisations making these moves.

23. Their thinking is "in and out fast", with stand-out websites, promising everything that you want, but not delivering - only in it for the money.

24. Despite their claims, most of the time they are recruiting unqualified "home-workers", in order to satisfy their proofreading demands.

25. This is where your time should be spent - by seeking a well-established small company - who have been around for a while - and who are not "get-rich-quick" enterprises

26. PRS Proofreading Services began their proofreading work - before there were computers, or the Internet - editing hand-written works, with a pencil and paper.

27. PRS Proofreading Services entered the computer market in 1984 with the Amstrad 464, upgrading to the Amstrad 8512 in 1985. Then further upgrading to Windows 3.1 in 1992.

28. So you can now see that PRS Proofreading Services has been around for many, many years - they have been trusted with proofreading authors works for more than 40 years.

29. Send Your Manuscript to PRS for a Proofreading Quotation - get a very special cheap price - and get your manuscript published in a Journal.

PRS offers a Critical Review, a Copy Editing of the Text, Syntax Correction, Line Edits,

Logical Flow, Reorganisation, Light Rewriting, and Proofreading of your Manuscript,

All completed with a Certified Certificate of Proofreading

PRS Is How To Get Your Scientific Manuscripts Published

PRS Proofreading Services is the answer for getting your manuscript published in a Scientific Journal.

Helping You To Write Perfect English

The Complete Service for Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Correcting English Writing

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