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There are many questions asked about the Proofreading of English. English grammar, editing, sentence structure, style, and proofreading marks are only some of the questions. Here you can find the answers to the top 15 questions.  Read more...

"PRS Proofreading Services resolves all English proofreading questions."


(Frequently Asked Questions)

About Writing, Editing, and Proofreading Scientific Manuscripts,

Academic Articles, Thesis, and Dissertations

(also written as proof-reading or proof reading) means reading a proof copy of a text in order to detect and correct any errors, whatever they might be.

A Proof Copy is a manuscript that has been typeset after the copy editing.

Proof typescripts often contain typographical errors that are introduced by mistyping (hence the word typo to refer to misplaced, missing or incorrect characters).

Proofreading consists of reviewing any text, either hard copy on paper, or an electronic copy on a computer, and checking for typos and formatting and grammar errors and clear meanings and understandings.

Copy Editing
(also written as copy-editing or copyediting) is the work that an editor does in order to improve the formatting, the style, and the accuracy of the text.   Unlike general editing, copy editing does not involve changing the substance of the text.   It adheres to the original intended meaning.

Copy refers to written text or typewritten text, intended for typesetting, printing, or for publication.

Copy Editing is always done before Proofreading, which is the last step in the editorial cycle.

"The 5 C’s" summarise the copy editor's job:   Make the copy clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent.   Copy Editors should “Make it say what it means, and mean what it says”.

Typically, Copy Editing involves correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, terminology and jargon, timelines and semantics (meanings); always ensuring that the script adheres to the author's or publisher's meaningful style.

Often, Copy Editors are also responsible for adding any "display copy", such as headlines, standardised headers and footers, together with photo and logo captions.

With PRS Proofreading Services, the bulk of Copy Editing involves the correction of Scientific Manuscripts or Academic Articles or Thesis or Dissertations.

PRS Proofreading Services
can proofread and copy edit any document or scientific manuscript or academic article produced by authors, your company or your business.   The text can be checked and corrected for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.   Additional checks are made for terminology, jargon, line edits, syntax correction, sentence structure, the reworking of text, and semantics.

PRS Proofreading Services can help authors, writers, companies, and businesses to produce perfect English covering a wide range of documentation and publications, such as: -

   • Business Correspondence
   • Email
   • Newsletters
   • Business Plans
   • Financial Proposals
   • Presentations (Oral & Written)
   • Management Reports
   • Employer & Employee Contractual Communications
   • Human Resources & Recruitment
   • Language Testing & Evaluation
   • Health & Safety Information
   • Inspection Reports
   • Training Manuals
   • Scientific Manuscripts

   • Academic Articles
   • Annual Company Reports
   • Advertisements (including Posters, Flyers & Billboards)
   • Brochures and Catalogues
   • Direct Mail
   • Website Editing & Content
   • Magazine Articles
   • Installation & Instruction & User Guides
   • Technical Manuals
   • Press Releases and Media Articles
   • Business Letters
   • Mission Statements
   • Publications ......... and much more!  

Please contact us whatever your requirements!


PRS Proofreading Services
can proofread and copy edit any document or manuscript produced for your school or university.   If you are studying TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, CU-TEP, TU-GET or for a University Degree or any other recognised English qualification, then we can help you.   Your text can be checked and corrected for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.   Additional checks are made for terminology,
jargon, line edits, syntax correction, sentence structure, the reworking of text, and semantics..

If the English language is your second language, then your written material will be very important to you.   You will always want to make the right impression, not only with your teacher, but also to anyone else with whom you communicate.   The first impression counts!

PRS Proofreading Services will check your work to make sure that it says what you want it to say and so that it does not confuse the reader.

Writing in a foreign language is sometimes not so easy and it can be difficult for you to see the errors and mistakes that you have made.   It is quite normal for those of you studying ESL to use an incorrect verb tense, make pronoun errors, incorrectly spell words, wrongly structure paragraphs, or maybe even having to rewrite entire paragraphs.   This is where PRS will help you to produce perfect text and documents.

PRS Proofreading Services helps Students of the English Language with: -

   • Examination & Test Preparation
   • Essays
   • Writing Exercises
   • Homework

   • Presentations
   • Reports
   • Newsletters
   • Thesis Work
   • Newspaper & Magazine Articles
   • Brochures and Catalogues
   • Advertisements
   • Posters, Flyers, Handouts & Leaflets
   • Website Editing & Content
   • Press Releases
   • Technical Manuals
   • Scientific Manuscripts
   • Training & Teaching Manuals
   • Business Letters
   • Announcements & Invitations
   • Job Application Letters
   • Completing Application Forms
   • CV Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
   • University Application Letters ......... and much more!

   Please contact us whatever your requirements!

If you are learning English as a second language, or if you are studying for IELTS, TU-GET, TOEIC, CU-TEP, TOEFL, University Degree,
or any other kind of qualification, then having your documents checked, edited, corrected, proofread and copy edited
by a professional PRS proofreader/copy editor is a must!

(Do not worry, it is very easy!)

There are only 3 simple steps: -

1)   Send your text / document(s) / manuscript / thesis to PRS by email for a Proofreading Quotation.

2)   PRS will review your content – 'Word Count'  your text – advise you of the 'Level of Correction'  rate – and send you a Formal Quotation.

3)   If you wish to proceed with the copyediting and proofreading, please advise us.   PRS will then issue a Money Request.  Please pay for our service.

PRS will normally return your Revised Edited Amended Manuscript within 2 to 7 days of a working week, Monday – Friday,
depending upon the size of your paper (see below).

PRS will continually keep you advised throughout the proofreading regarding the "specific date of delivery" of your Amended Manuscript.

Standard Regular Normal Delivery Schedule: -

***   (Manuscripts less than 3,000 words are normally returned within 3 days of a working week, Monday – Friday).

***   (Manuscripts between 3,000 and 4,000 words are normally returned within 4 days of a working week, Monday – Friday).

***   (Manuscripts between 4,000 and 5,000 words are normally returned within 5 days of a working week, Monday – Friday)

***   (Manuscripts between 5,000 words and 6,000 words are normally returned within 6 days of a working week, Monday – Friday).

***   (Manuscripts between 6,000 words and 7,000 words are normally returned within 7 days of a working week, Monday – Friday).

***   (Manuscripts between 7,000 words and 8,000 words are normally returned within 8 days of a working week, Monday – Friday).

***   (Manuscripts between 8,000 words and 9,000 words are normally returned within 9 days of a working week, Monday – Friday). 

***   (Manuscripts between 9,000 words and 10,000 words are normally returned within 10 days of a working week, Monday – Friday).

***   (Manuscripts between 10,000 words and 15,000 words are normally returned within 14 days of a working week, Monday – Friday). 


The Proofreader will advise you of the "Specific Delivery Date" of your Manuscript

PRS Proofreading Services accepts
Bank to Bank Money Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash, or Bankers Airmail Draft for the payment of the proofreading work.   Full details will be sent upon the acceptance of the Quotation.

     Absolutely.   You can send as many texts or documents or manuscripts as you wish and PRS will deal with them efficiently.

Your text / document / manuscript / thesis is private, confidential and secure.   If it has not been copied from another source, then it is your intellectual property.   PRS will not disclose any information about you to a third party.   Any communication between you and PRS is not divulged to anyone else.   Additionally, we will never reveal your contact details or your email address to another person or company.   You can rest assured that all of our dealings with clients are treated as being classified.

Proofreading marks are most often used for publishing houses (such as for books, magazines, newspapers), see the image below: -

"Traditional Proofreading Marks that are used by older proofreaders."

No, we do not.   PRS used to use them prior to 1990 - but no longer.    In our experience, many Clients become very confused if we use proofreading marks on their documents.   Clients do not have the time, or the inclination, to learn what to them seems like a new language.   Clients come to PRS for help with their English writing, not to study and master proofreading marks.

PRS used to use 'MS Word Track Changes' in the 1990s.   However, a great majority of Clients found them too difficult to concentrate on all of the "little red markings".   They simply used to give up.

So PRS changed in 1998 to introduce and use the PRS-Built CREDIT system (Change/Replace/Edit/Delete/Insert/Typo) as it was very simple and easy for Clients to understand.   If necessary, PRS would also use ‘Comment’ boxes to explain particular errors or mistakes.

However, since 2002, PRS has even simplified the CREDIT system - into the DIMA Colour Correction System - (Delete / Insert / Minor Modification / Author Queries) - as clients find this is very easy to understand all of the corrections and the amendments - with much praise being received.

It's 'Nice and Easy' say the Clients!

a)   If for some reason you want to see the 'errors and mistakes' in your original text / document / manuscript / thesis, you can request PRS to send you the 'errors omissions reworkings' working document to you.   In that way, you can learn more about the English language.

b)   You will receive a Proofread and Copy Edited Final Amended Version of your work, free of errors.  

You will receive a Certificate of Copyediting & Proofreading.

d)   You will receive a Payment Received Document for the monies received for the work.

e)   PRS will always offer on-going help and assistance.

Yes, of course.   After all, we are human beings ......... and humans make many mistakes in their lives.  But thankfully, it is very rare for us to make a mistake or to miss an error.    If by some remote chance we do miss a mistake or an error, you will maybe remember what Alexander Pope once said, "To err is human, to forgive divine" (English Poet 1688 - 1744).

PRS can receive your text/document as an email attachment.   Email attachments can be sent as either an MS Word document [preferred method], or by using a text programme such as Notepad.   You can even copy your text directly into an email.   For more information, please go to SEND YOUR MANUSCRIPT FOR A PROOFREADING QUOTATION

The problem that you are experiencing is an issue with the web browser that you are using to surf the Internet.

Normally, if you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then all of the characters on the web page should show correctly.   However, if you are using IE8 (Internet Explorer 8), the letters and characters for South Korea, China and Japan may not all be showing.   IE8 is not configured to show all Asian letters and characters.

To solve this problem, you need to set your browser to "Compatibility View".   You do not have to do this for any of the English language web pages.   You only need to do this for any of the Asian language pages that are not displaying the correct letters and characters.

Open your IE8 browser and look at the top right hand corner of the page.   You will see this symbol:-


Click the symbol shown circled in red and this will enable "Compatibility View".   You will now see all of the letters and characters for your language displayed correctly.   If you still have a problem, or if you are unsure of how to do this, then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

If you are using a later version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Vivaldi, then all letters and characters for South Korea, China, and Japan should be showing correctly.

PRS helps
Authors, Companies, Businesses, and ESL Students to write perfect English

You can send your manuscript, document, text, thesis, or writing,

for a PROOFREADING QUOTATION  with no obligation

If you need help with the English Language .........
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"PRS Proofreading Services helps with your written English grammar, prepositions, and verbs, so your English is acceptable for a Scientific Journal.""PRS helps with your English Verb Questions and your incorrect Prepositions to make your written English read perfectly.""PRS Proofreading Services has English Grammar Experts for correcting and proofreading your English Manuscript."

"The UK Flag denotes corrected British English, as reworked by the PRS Proofreaders.""The American Flag symbolizes perfectly written American English by the PRS Editors & Proofreaders.""PRS Proofreading Services Offers Helping Hands Around The World To Write Perfect English."
Helping Hands Around The World To Write Perfect English
 "PRS Helps You To Write Perfect English.""PRS Helps Authors To Write Perfect English.""PRS Proofreading Services Assists Worldwide Writers To Write Perfect English.""PRS Facilitates English Writers From Around The World To Write Perfect English.""PRS helps with the Correction and the Proofreading of English Writing.""PRS Proofreading Services corrects English Writing for Authors from all over the World."

PRS looks forward to helping you with your English writing





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