English Test to Stay in the United Kingdom

Non-European migrants who want to enter or remain in the United Kingdom as the partner of a British citizen or a person settled there have to prove their English language ability by taking an approved test, the UK government says.

The new rules effective from Monday 29 November 2010 will apply to anyone applying as the husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried partner, same-sex partner, fiancé / fiancée, or prospective civil partner of a British citizen or person settled in the country, it said.

These tests will be compulsory for people applying from within the UK as well as visa applicants from overseas, according to a statement from the British Embassy.

Migrant spouses and partners will have to demonstrate English language ability at the 'A1 Level' of the Common European Framework of Reference (listening and speaking).

Applicants will be required to provide evidence with their application that they have passed an acceptable English test with one of the UK Border Agency's approved test providers.

"This new requirement was announced in June this year and as we get close to the implementation date we would  like to remind those planning on applying for a marriage visa to the UK that from 29 November 2010 they will be required to pass a compulsory English Language Test," said Ed Mackie, UK Border Agency Regional Manager for East Asia.

"Speaking English promotes integration into British society and broadens opportunities.   The new rules will help ensure that migrant spouses are able to participate in British life from the outset and integrate more easily into wider UK society," he said.

Details of approved English Language Test Providers Testing at "A1 Level" in Thailand can be found at the 
Official Partner of UK Visas & Immigration -  VFS GLOBAL in Thailand - http://www.vfsglobal.co.uk/thailand/

The Nation Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand – 24 November 2010 - Updated 28 October 2017


 What is the A1 Level of English Language Testing?
The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages divides learners into three broad divisions which can be divided into six levels:

A)   Basic Speaker
      A1 Breakthrough or Beginner
      A2 Waystage or Elementary
B)   Independent Speaker
      B1 Threshold or Pre-Intermediate
      B2 Vantage or Intermediate
C)   Proficient Speaker
      C1 Effective Operational Proficiency or Upper Intermediate
      C2 Mastery or Advanced

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) describes what a learner is supposed to be able to do in reading, listening, speaking and writing at each level.

Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type.   Can introduce him/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has.   Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

Can understand basic instructions or take part in a basic factual conversation on a predictable topic.   Can understand basic notices, instructions or information.   Can complete basic forms, and write notes including times, dates and places.


Do you want to try an A1 Level Test?

Go to http://www.englishtag.com/tests/level_test_elementary_A1.asp and take an example test.   Fill in the answers and then click 'Continue' to see how you score.


 Official UK Visa Application Centre in Thailand

Do you want to stay in the United Kingdom?         Do you want to apply for a UK Visa?

The visa application centre in Thailand accepts UK visa applications from customers in Thailand and Laos.

The VFS UK visa application centre is officially authorised by the UK Border Agency to accept visa applications for all visa categories, collect visa application fees and return documents to applicants.   In addition, the VFS UK visa application centre arranges interviews with the UK Border Agency at the British Embassy.

The UK visa application centre is run and managed by VFS (Thailand) Ltd.   VFS staff cannot influence the outcome of your visa application.   The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made by the UK Border Agency.

• Use of visa agents:
There are a number of visa agents operating in Thailand.   Applicants may choose to use them to help prepare their visa application.   These agents are in no way connected to the UK Border Agency and they have no influence over the outcome of a visa application.   The UK Border Agency's outsource partner is VFS Global, who operate from the VFS UK visa application centre.   VFS staff are clearly identifiable by their uniform.   The decision to use the service of an agent is entirely at the applicants' discretion.

• Where can I get advice?
VFS staff cannot give you advice on how to complete your application, or what type of visa you should apply for.   If you need help with your application or advice about the UK's immigration rules and requirements, you should seek advice from a qualified immigration adviser.   In the United Kingdom, immigration advisers are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC-




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