September 2017


Well, it's officially over!   The Northern Hemisphere's Western Summer Holidays that is!   It's 'Back To School' time!   Didn't that go fast!   A long time looking forward to the holidays - and now, they are history!   Oh well!   Back To School - Back To Work!   Back into the day to day routines!

So how was your holiday?   Drop us a line and let us know.

Me?   Too many days out in the sun, trying to get a tan!   Too much food, snacks, and ice cream!   Back on a diet again to get ready for Christmas!   Ha!

So anyway, it's back to school again!   And you know what that means?  Writing! Writing!   Writing!   Writing!   Writing!   Writing!   And even more writing! 

So, go and get your theses, your manuscripts, your writing exercises, your reports, your articles, all ready - to be submitted to the journals and magazines and to your schools.   In addition, get your essays and all of your writing sent to PRS for editing and correction, before you have to submit them to your teacher or a publisher!

And to help you even more about this?

 During the month of September 2017

'Service & Administration Fees' are waived

In other words, they are FREE - and you pay nothing on

top of the regular proofreading and copyediting rate!

For a 6,000 word document (for example),

you can save more than GBP £12.00!

So send your English text, document, or writing to PRS for

Quotation right now today with no obligation.

Do we try to help you?   What a great offer, eh?

Okay ........... that's all for now .............

Take care and I'll be in touch again next month in October!

Best wishes ............

Nancy News


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