November 2017


Here we are ... into the month of November!   Wow!   Hasn't the year gone by so fast?   Only 8 weeks to go until Christmas (at the time of writing this newsletter), so it's time to start gathering those precious little gifts to put under the Christmas tree!   Have you got to buy something for someone special?

November is a wonderful month and many people from all around the world celebrate different days in different ways.

For example, did you know that November 4th is "Mischief Night", an annual tradition in parts of the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, when people take a degree of licence to play pranks, act out naughty things, and do general mischief in their neighbourhoods

And what about November 5th?   Commonly known as "Bonfire Night" in the United Kingdom.   It celebrates the day in 1605 when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Lords (The Houses of Parliament) in London.   It also became infamously known as "The Gunpowder Plot".

Nowadays, bonfires are lit all over the country and fireworks are set off to remember this very special day.   And accompanied, of course, by hot roasted chestnuts and hot toddies!   Yummy!

What else?   Well, how about this?

Let's not forget about Asia!   November 3rd is Loi Krathong Festival Day.

Banana boats filled with candles, incense, flowers, strands of hair, and coins, are set afloat on all and any waterways, especially in Cambodia.

The purpose is to respect the Goddess of Water and to wash away the past year's sins into oblivion.   Lovely!

So some very special days, yes?   And we haven't the space to mention many more!

Talking of special days do we have any special offers this month?

Well, yes, of course we do!

During the month of November 2017

'Service & Administration Fees' are waived

In other words, they are FREE - and you pay nothing on

top of the regular proofreading and copyediting rate!

For a 6,000 word document (for example),

you can save more than USD $16.00 !

Send your English manuscript, document, text or writing

to PRS for a


with no obligation.

Well, that's it for now!

Get your writing, reports, manuscripts, presentations, and your thesis work in, for copyediting and proofreading this month saving the 10% Service & Administration Fees while you can!

Take care and I'll be in touch again next month!

Best wishes ............

   Nancy News


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