August 2017


It's August already - can you believe it?   More than half the year has gone by so soon!   But at least the weather has improved at last in the UK - not so many rainy days - lots of sunshine - and BBQ's in the garden!   For how long we ask?   Rainy days on the horizon!   Oh dear! Never mind!   Enjoy the warm sunny days while we can!   How about you?

Congratulations and well done to all those of you who attended the 'TOEFL Practice Test' in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July.   There were some very good results/scores from many of you.   But the winner on the day was Racquel Buenaflor from the Philippines.   Well done to Racquel - 3,000 words of proofreading & copyediting are FREE on your next manuscript submission.

Keep an eye open for the next open 'TOEFL Practice Test'.   It will be at the end of November.   Be prepared.   We'll let you know the date soon..............

Well done also to those of you that took up our offer of "25% Off 10-Day Mid-Year Special Discount"!   We were very busy for those 10 days!   Maybe we will hold another Special next year.............we will keep you posted...........

So what can we do for you this month?   Well how about this?

'10% Service & Administration Fees' Are Waived For This Month Of August!

They're Free!     So Great Savings on all of your Writing!

Take A Look & Check Out All The Details On Our 


Get your text and manuscripts and documents and writing sent in for a no-obligation quotation and take advantage of the special offer!   But don't forget, as with all promotions, keep an eye on the end of promotion date and remember the minimum charge still applies.

Okay!  Got to go for now!   Have a fabulous August and we'll be back with some more exciting News for you at the beginning of September!   Take care and look after yourselves!

Be careful what you do ..................... and keep on writing, writing, writing!

Best wishes ............

Nancy News


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